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Corporate CultureCorporate Culture
Vision: Committed to becoming a first-class global electronic information new materials company that receives respect and trust from the society and its partners and makes all its employees proud
Mission: Provide high-quality new materials for the technological change and industrial upgrading in the global electronic information industry
Values: Build up self-strength to better serve the customer and achieve win-win results
Spirit: Work hard & Pursue excellence
Codes of conduct: Adhere to principles and wisely select methods to achieve the goals
The company advocates the values of "reaching oneself as an adult, reaching oneself as an adult" and has reached strategic cooperation with multiple well-known enterprises both domestically and internationally. Adhering to the principle of quality as the link and mutual benefit as the goal externally, we are committed to the common development of enterprises and customers; Internally, we adhere to the principle of putting striving first, respect talents and knowledge, encourage innovation and creation, and strive to share achievements with our employees.

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Address: Second Industrial Park, Loudi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hunan Province


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